P.I.E.C.E.S. ™ Learning and Development Programs Offered

The Rosehaven Provincial Program

The Rosehaven Provincial Program provides a variety of learning options for frontline health care providers. Classroom training sessions, Telehealth videoconferencing and self-study modules are some of the options available to continuing care staff. The Rosehaven Provincial Program is a “Provincial Resource to the Continuing Care System” having received this designation in October 2000 from Alberta Health and Wellness. The Rosehaven Provincial Program offers education services and in-house services.

Education Services

The overall goal of the Rosehaven education services program is to provide, in coordination and consultation with regional health authorities, a variety of education programs and services that will assist regions in developing the capacity and expertise required to manage individuals with responsive behaviours in their own region.

In-House Clinical Services

The Rosehaven in-house clinical program supports person-centered care and provides services and support to individuals with responsive behaviours associated with complex physical, cognitive/mental health needs beyond the care limits of continuing care providers.

The overall goal is to optimize quality of life through a person-centered approach. An individual is admitted for assessment and treatment services in a holistic, therapeutic milieu. The interdisciplinary team utilizes the P.I.E.C.E.S.™ framework together with the ABCC model of care to develop the most comprehensive and person-centered care.

P.I.E.C.E.S.™ has been provided to hundreds of care providers throughout the province since 2005 and still continues to be offered.

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